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One of my Pet Peeves

Is ostentatious religious displays. So I found it somewhat poetic that this one was destroyed by lightning.  That is what God was talking about when he said, ‘Smite’. ASIDE: Being an agnostic, I’m not one for religion in general, but … Continue reading

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In Afghanistan, as in many cultures, a manly embrace is a time-honored tradition for warriors before they go off to face death. Thus, many suicide bombers never even make it out of their training camp or safe house, as the … Continue reading

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Amazingly, it didn’t work!

It is too bad she didn’t have a pain in her head. Probably nothing there to hurt anyway. An unemployed Michigan woman who was unable to afford medical treatment for a searing pain in her shoulder took matters into her … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/15/10

The gunosphere has oft wondered “What makes those who believe that gun control works so darn violent?” The same can be asked of the peaceniks. Overly educated, highly opinionated, and having more time on their hands than Clocky from Pee … Continue reading

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I fail to see the problem here

The way I was taught, when you do something bad at school, you get punished. Apparently not in the Bronx NYC. Department of Education officials are investigating after students at a Bronx school claimed they were forced to clean toilets … Continue reading

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