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The problem with attaching jail time to every law

Is that you soon find yourself incarcerating more people than anywhere else in the world. A smarter way is to only jail violent offenders.  Non-violent offenders, and people who commit violence unintentionally, should remain free, and on probation.  This not … Continue reading

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Warms the Cockles of my cold, dead, Libertarian heart

Politicians turning on Unions

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I’ve managed to keep this idea off RNS for a while now, but after reading Gene Healy’s column in Washington Examiner last night, I have to put it out there. I’ve told The Wife this ideaso many times that I’m … Continue reading

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Sorry, but I disagree

An Anon over at Breitbart’s Big Government site is quite outraged about something Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ick) is working on. Normally, I’d be right behind whomever it is writing that and be outraged, but not this time. The Durbin amendment … Continue reading

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It’s a cryin’ shame

That this didn’t really happen.

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