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The problem with bans & prohibition

One insight, more than any other, ripples down from Okrent’s history to our own bout of prohibition. Armed criminal gangs don’t fear prohibition: They love it. He has uncovered fascinating evidence that the criminal gangs sometimes financially supported dry politicians, … Continue reading

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What the government giveth

The government can take away. Death Panels? Not so much. More like “Disability Panels”. Millions of patients face losing NHS care as bosses prepare to axe treatments to make £20billion of savings by 2014, a top doctor has warned. Among … Continue reading

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Of course it doesn’t have “side effects”

The Norks have a juice product they want to sell to the west. I know I won’t be trying it. North Korea has developed a “super drink” that, it says, can multiply brain cells and stop skin ageing. The secretive … Continue reading

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