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Bank Managers fire Loan Officer for being too sexy.  Agree, disagree, I don’t care, the story is just too tabloid anyway you cut it.  If true, the managers are idiots for exposing themselves to such a lawsuit just because they … Continue reading

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If I hadn’t read it on Military.com

I’d have thought this was another pedophile priest.  The whitewashing and shuffling sure seems familiar.  What is it about administrations that makes them think that moving a sexual predator around, or covering for him/her, will in anyway protect the organization, … Continue reading

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Am I missing something?

Despite what some folks would like to think, the leftosphere is not always wrong. The majority of the time, yes, but it is not a 100% deal. And so now I am wondering about the latest decision on Miranda. They … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/03/10

When the local left-wing bigwig, Goldy at HorsesAss, got his hands on this story about the dude gelding himself in the aisle at Lowes he let loose with the usual leftist usual knee-jerk reaction about it. However, someone in the … Continue reading

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