They don’t want us to lose

They just want the other side to win.

You know those UAV drones we have flying over Afghanistan and Pakistan? Those UAV drones that President Obama has ordered more of? Those UAV drones that are kicking a large quantity of Taliban ass right about now?

You know the UAV drones I’m talking about?

Well, the Democrats in the House of Representatives Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs is holding hearings to find out if our military’s use of them is “Legal”.

Lovely bunch of cocksuckers, aren’t they?

We find a way to keep American and coalition soldiers out of harms way while we do major damage to the enemy’s leadership infrastructure and the Democrats in Congress are looking to shut the program down because the Taliban are surrounding themselves with women and children.

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2 Responses to They don’t want us to lose

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Of course, it didn’t help when the ObamaPrez, at the Correspondent’s Dinner, jokingly threatened to use one on anyone sniffing around his daughters…

  2. Mikee says:

    Yes, they are legal. It is the responsibility of combatants to follow the rules of war. Violations such as surrounded yourself with civilians means civilian deaths are the fault of the violator, not the opponent who attacks the violator. See Hiroshima, nuclear bombing of, as an example of legal warfare. Use civilians in your war factories, surrounding the factories with civilian homes, and the whole city becomes a target.

    Illegal combatants, of course, don’t follow the rules of war. It is their responsibility when civilians are killed.

    Repeat this truth often enough and maybe even the Democrats in Congress will understand it.

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