Not to be rude

But isn’t there somewhere else you should be visiting today instead of here?


The free ice cream will return tomorrow. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve already written most of my contributions.

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2 Responses to Not to be rude

  1. Paul says:

    Never forget,the price they paid and there familys.
    May ALL Rest in Peace.

  2. Army of Dad says:

    I took some .22s down to my father-in-law’s place and let my kids bang away with them. My 7 YO daughter made us all proud and hit just about whatever she wanted to, including center punching a golfball from about 50 feet. The 11 YO boy got in on the fun shooting my great grandpa’s old .22 and hit his golf ball using iron sights.

    Along with making a point to remember our fallen I felt exercising the rights they gave so much to defend would be a fitting tribute.

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