Calguns Fighting Song

Not official at all; I just made it up.
To the tune of Surfin’ USA:

If California’s rude gun laws
Were ‘cross the U.S.A.
Then everybody’d be fightin’
Like californ-I-A
No bans on full-cap maggies
Or scary rifles, too
The legal team’s got tans and Ray-Bans
Calguns is leadin’ the way!

Bouncin’ back from Silveira (Calguns, Calguns, Donate Today!)
To the Alameda County line
Ten years with Nordyke, then Heller
Now McDonald’s gonna let us shine
Cue up Ms. Sykes and Mr. Pena,
Bigotry has had its day

Californians are fightin’
Citizens not subjects we say!

Right People planned us out a route
We’re gonna take real soon
Lawsuits are filed and ready
We can’t wait for June
Incorporation this Summer
We’re on safari to stay
Tell Irwin Nowick we’re huntin’
To blow his gun laws away.

LE-Os Shall Issue CCWs (Calguns, Calguns, Donate Today!)
We’ll only have one ten-day wait
“Assault Weapons” will Sunset
“Keep and Bear” will mean what it says
‘Til a short-barreled full-auto
Is in Gene’s tux at a play

Calgunners gonna be fightin’
Donate to get your rights back today!

For the uninitiated: Silveira v. Lockyer was the disastrous case(brought by idiot attorney Gary Gorski against the advice of every preeminent RKBA legal mind on the planet) that cemented California’s “Assault Weapons” ban, and from which we’ve been clawing back our rights ever since. Heller and McDonald you know; Sykes and Pena are lawsuits awaiting a ruling in McDonald, and that should give California shall-issue CCW and eliminate the “Handgun Roster” of government-approved guns that can be sold in the state. Irwin Nowick is an idiot savant-like human leech on the carcass of the Legislature, a legislation geek who’s ended up writing large chunks of our Byzantine gun laws, chiefly because he seems to have memorized them all and that impresses legislative staffers. Also he seems to work for free. He’s an object of ridicule in Sacramento, but still the architect of all our pain (well, most of it). “Gene” is Gene Hoffman, Chair of the Calguns Foundation, and yes, that’s pretty close to his stated goal.

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5 Responses to Calguns Fighting Song

  1. AnonymousCoward says:

    OK, I know this isn’t the point — but vastly curious where the second image comes from. It’s obviously cropped from something, but the photo quality appears high (well-lit, well-exposed, etc.), the visual language looks right for an ad… but there’s a couple of reasons I wouldn’t think to see it in most magazines….

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Great shot, isn’t it? Here’s the url, other than that I have no idea of its provenance:

  3. Davidwhitewolf says:

    You might try a tineye search to see if there’s an original image out there somewhere.

  4. Rivrdog says:

    Well, as CalGuns marches steadily forward, Oregon is going backward. I was just informed that the State Police, who all FFL sales go through, plan to increase their fee from $9 per gun to $28 on all such transactions, and they plan to up their fee for checking fingerprints of CCW applicants against the NICS database by double, despite automation, which has lowered the cost of making the search.

    It seems that the fall-back position of the anti-gunners is to try to make anything to do with guns too expensive for the little guy.

    I have a suggestion. Since “keep and bear” is a CIVIL RIGHT, how about applying the Federal Indigence test to all fees associated with it, to see that those with lesser means don’t get priced out of their civil rights, an old trick dating back to the Poll Tax days?

  5. Davidwhitewolf says:

    RD, I’d bet money that will eventually be a subject of litigation.

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