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Backyard Beretta 92

In my enlightened town, firing airguns (much less actual firearms) in your back yard is frowned upon. There’s an exception for dispatch of pest animals, and I’ve mercy-whacked my share of skunks and the like with .22LRs after the dogs … Continue reading

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Belated Friday Fiction: Spanky Spank

No, that’s not the title. First off, if you’re into gentle (or not-so) spanking to spice up your love life, you might want to check this site out. Even if spanking gives you the willies, check it out anyway: it’s … Continue reading

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Mmm-Mmm Good

Inspired by Phil’s Pot Pie Post, the wife purchased one of each style — Chicken and Beef — for us to try out. The beef we baked in the oven; it was good but tasted remarkably like the old Swanson’s … Continue reading

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