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Calguns Fighting Song

Not official at all; I just made it up. To the tune of Surfin’ USA: If California’s rude gun laws Were ‘cross the U.S.A. Then everybody’d be fightin’ Like californ-I-A No bans on full-cap maggies Or scary rifles, too The … Continue reading

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Interesting Analysis

Of a SCOTUS paradox, by way of Popehat.  It’s short, so go RTWT.

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I got class

This weekend was my scheduled time to register for Summer and Fall classes for “da college”. Because I forgot most of my maths in the twenty-plus years between high school and college, I have to take yet another quarter of … Continue reading

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More Rotten Apples

Continuing on from yesterday (again, clicken to embiggen)

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The Crawling

It has made the City of San Francisco even more weak kneed. Muni has temporarily halted use of its biggest weapon against fare evasion — saturation campaigns in which fare inspectors and sometimes police officers check everyone on a bus … Continue reading

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