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Growing a Better Brick (maybe)

Pack some sand in a form, add some very common bacteria (they live in dirt), add some rather common compounds (Calcium Chloride and pee), let sit for a week, and voila’!  You have a brick, sans oven. OK, yeah, it … Continue reading

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World’s Strongest Vagina — NOT

I am not impressed with this video. Look, if she’s holding in a small object to which the weight is attached, that’s truly impressive and I would pay her to do Kegel instructional videos and found a nonprofit to disseminate … Continue reading

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I’m with Popehat

Stand against radical freaks. Just to show I don’t discriminate (I’m with Han, I think all religions are hokey) , a joke: Ezra Epstein ran a very successful business making nails.  When he retired, he handed the reins of  company … Continue reading

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To be spread, far & wide (go go viral internet)

Read this post about the capture of the The National Academies by special interests.

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Interesting data about families

Gonna have to see if I can get my hands on the source data, but his conclusions are not out there.

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If you want things to change, consult an economist

The London School of Economics & Political Science released a paper discussing the current failure of policy to effect carbon emissions reduction across the world, and a better way to effect these changes.  Key points (emphasis mine): The crash of … Continue reading

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Silver Lining?

There is a rumor going around that if Kagan ascends to the SCOTUS one of the names on the short list to replace her is Washington’s Governor, Queen Christine Gregoire. Now, if she is appointed and approved, she would have … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/12/10

One to watch In May 1979 I was walking over Hungerford Bridge a day or two after the election that brought Margaret Thatcher to power. I saw in the distance a small embarrassed-looking group gathering to take part in some … Continue reading

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