Where Free-Market Economists Get It Wrong

They don’t understand the way a lot of the business world works nowadays. And in a nation where the societal pressures against crime are rapidly falling away they’ll be even more wrong.

(On the social acceptance of crime now, versus as recently as twenty years ago: how many of your neighbors falsified their mortgage applications? How many could you see engaging in auto-insurance fraud? Cheating on their taxes? It’s spreading. In California, almost everybody breaks the speed limit laws multiple times a day. Think elites are any different? Think again.)

I used to think the epidemic of speeding in California was a sign of a healthy libertarian disrespect for the State. Now I’m thinking it’s the most visible symptom of massive decay in the social structure.

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2 Responses to Where Free-Market Economists Get It Wrong

  1. Gerry N. says:

    There are so many, how to put this? Laws that are felonies on the books now that it is impossible to live a normal life without breaking at least one a day. We are all felons now, so where is the benefit in trying to live an honest life? I try to live up to the Ten Commandments, but suspect even doing that will put me afoul of the law.

    Gerry N.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    The amoral national leadership begets amoral local leadership, which begets amoral local society.

    Easy to understand, hard to solve. It will take a MAJOR calamity to change this, a calamity where only the moral and prepared survive.

    Malthus may save us yet.

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