More Boomershoot Prep

For Boomershoots past I’ve been using the old foam-plugs-in-the-ear in combination with earmuffs. Keeps the noise down nicely but makes shooter-spotter conversations difficult. So for Boomershoot 2010 the wife and I will be sporting the Howard Leight electronic earmuffs recommended by Phil. I remembered to order ’em yesterday; they arrived today through the magic of Amazon Prime. Overnight shipping for $4 is pretty damned cool.

Also, I’ve been driving around with a cracked windshield for about ten months now. I just remembered that Joe cautions against cracked windshields at Boomershoot, so the Safelite man will be coming to my office Monday.

Have I sighted anything in yet? I have not. That’s for tomorrow.

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  1. BillH says:

    I have a pair, recommended by one of the guys I shoot CMP with. I like them. I can shoot the Garand and the .308s with them, but they don’t work as well for my ARs because the straighter stocks bang into them and I don’t get a good cheek weld. YMMV.

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