For all the gunnies…

I found a new store. Well, it isn’t new. In fact, Phil and I both had to admit that we had driven past it over 100 times each thinking, “I should stop in there sometime.” I finally did yesterday and it was awesome.

The store is Surplus Ammo in Lakewood, WA. I highly recommend it! I bought this. Yeah, pretty cool, huh? Lake City green tips for $0.38/each. You can’t really beat that right now. It is quite a good website for those outside my area. They claim that if it is on the site, then it is in stock. You might still be able to get ground shipping in time for Boomershoot.

For those in the area, I did some quick calculations and discovered that their gun prices were 10%-15% lower than anywhere else around. Oh, and for those inclined to appreciate the scary black rifle types, they have a wall full of every configuration you can imagine.

I am not in anyway affiliated with these guys, but I will be back for more.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Slightly off topic, guys, but can you Sounders develop a reliable system of telling us non-sounders when we can actually DRIVE to the Sound for shopping? I read an article in my hometown fishwrapper, the Oregonian, recently that said I-5 from Lacey north for 30 miles is going to be undriveable for most of the summer, huge waits, many lanes closed, etc.

    I don’t trust WADOT to stay on top of the construction, so howze about digging up a local news station’s website that will have better info?

    Pretty please?

  2. eriko says:

    WADOT seems fairly functional

    That said weekday (mon – thurs) nights will be sucky with mostly partial closures (down to one lane)

    Then weekends (fri – sun) nights into the days will be double sucky with full closures till 10 or 12 in the morning.

    The seattle news stations generally pretent that there is nothing south of seattle except Tacoma till you hit Portland. So WADOT might be it.

  3. eriko says:

    Also it is worth noting that you have to drive by Tactical Tailor to pull in to Surplus Ammo. They have some rather nice gear and the prices are good for the quality.

  4. Drang says:

    Riverdog: No.
    Or, if you prefer, never.

    I realize this will bite me on the ass when I send out invitations for a bloggers’ barbeque, but just assume that traffic is going to suck–like it did driving through Orygun last year on the way to and from the Gun Bloggers’ Rendezvous…

    As for Scott and Phil and Mad Rocket Scientist and Surplus Arms and Ammo, or “Gunz ‘n’ Shizzle”, as we like to call it on the Washington Hometown Forum of, well, if you hung out there, you’d know.
    I bet you loozers don’t even know about Mary’s Pistols, either.
    Don’t forget to bring the beer.

  5. Scott says:

    Ha, Mary’s is about 2 miles from my house! I have ONLY bought 3 guns there.

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