Romania 20 Years After

Communist totalitarianism’s scars run deep. Michael Totten writes a great article. The photo of the gigantic carbuncle of a parliament building is one of the better visual representations of collectivist statist architecture. Go read.

“Communism changed our mentality,” said Daniel Apostol, editor in chief of Romania’s Money Channel. “We are still fighting now to come back to what we were. We lost the culture of private property. We lost this sense of privacy and respecting each other’s time and respecting people as individuals, as human beings. That was the worst thing that happened to us. This is why we are struggling so much now to get back to the capitalist society, to the free market, which can run only if there is respect for private property.”

“You had to learn these concepts as an adult?” I said.

“Yeah,” he said. “We didn’t have it before. And we are still learning it. We cannot just one day say, ‘Ok, we get it.'”

Yes I’m an attorney. No, I am not your attorney, and nothing in this post constitutes legal advice or opinion.

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