On Rights and Responsibilities

So far over this last year, Congress has stated multiple times in multiple voices that Health Care is a “Right” and I have a “Responsibility” to buy insurance to cover my medical expenses so that my fellow citizens are not burdened by them. This was backed up by the President of the United States when he signed the legislation passed by the Senate in December and the House of Representatives on Sunday.

The new law also states that if I do not live up to my responsibilities of purchasing said insurance, that I will have a fine levied upon me.

Not in the most leftist history class was I ever instructed that fines could be levied upon “Rights”.

However, if this is the new rule, than I am correct to understand that more legislation is in order.

We have a right to keep and bear arms. Bill of Rights, Amendment #2.

According to the new rules on “Rights”, this means that each and every citizen now has a “Responsibility” to purchase a firearm so that they may “Keep and Bear” it, lest their fellow citizens be burdened with having to put themselves in danger by defending those who are not responsible enough to purchase their own.

To not file new legislation as an Amendment to the new law and vote FOR it under the now ongoing “fixing” of the new law, is to either be the ultimate hypocrite or admit that fines cannot be levied upon those who do not wish to pay for use of their “Rights”.

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7 Responses to On Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Your logic is PERFECT, sir, and your Irony is delicious.

  2. Anthony says:

    This post is epic. EPIC I TELL YOU.

  3. TheGrayBeard says:

    Excellent, sir. You can credit Tam with linking me here, but I am going to link to you as a Quote of The Day, and compose a letter to my senator based on your idea.

    Thank you!

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    I copied some of that too, but can’t seem to post a comment. (Or couldn’t)

  5. B Smith says:

    POW!! Outta the park!!

  6. Isn’t a “Responsibility” to keep and bear arms also known as a military draft? It’s not a new type of tyranny; it’s an old type of tyranny.

    That doesn’t make it any better…

  7. Phil says:

    I believe the Brady Campaign, the VPC and the District of Columbia used that argument and lost, Mr. Hertzlinger.

    However, if I play the analogy out just a bit further, and adding in your point, I can foresee the gov’t “requiring” us to all get gym memberships and attend a minimum number of days or pay a fine, with folks who can’t afford the price being subsidized or afford the time being given paid leave so that they could attend.

    But that would be about the only way to get the two analogies to equate.

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