While Metro shares the blame

The true criminals here are the four kids who attacked the girl, and the three guards who decided that their jobs were more important than doing the right thing.

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2 Responses to While Metro shares the blame

  1. Sulaco says:

    Actually this is the most recent prime example of gov planning each and every breath we take. The guards did EXACTLY what they were told to do, in the King County contract with Olympic Security. Had they stepped in they would have 1. been fired. 2. made their company legally civilly responsible for what happened. 3. had they been injured they would have had to pay out of pocket (on the old been fired from job of $14.00 an hour) all medical bills. 4. been libel for civil damages for life. Let’s no mention any injuries that might have taken place because of their jumping in or weapons that might have come out had they moved in, as unarmed and no armor guards would you? (Me? Hell yes but that’s different) KC laid out what they could and could not do and the guards obeyed. Result big gov in action because they are too cheep to hire off duty cops or arm and train real security. I would also like to see the criminal history of all actors in this.

  2. MadRocketScientist says:

    I’d have waded in. Those kids don’t know that you are not allowed to interfere, nor do they know how much back-up is nearby.

    I do get that their terms of employment specifically prohibit them taking action, but how often do we hear of Pizza delivery drivers, or store workers, or bank tellers, ignoring those prohibitions to stop a crime or defend themselves. Yeah, it sucks to lose a job, but it sucks worse to be made to look a coward.

    For me, it’s indicative of the devaluation (and corruption) of personal honor in our society.

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