RNS Quote of the Day: 02/18/10

They know where to find the truth

I was in a (US) bookstore when a group of young Chinese (15 – 25 years, I’d guess) tourist/students entered. While I was there, they bought a stack of Dalai Lama books, saying they were not available in China. They also bought several recent histories on China, saying that they liked to be able to compare with the histories they got in China, to keep track of what the government was changing/denying. Additionally, they said they were getting in less sight-seeing than they had planned, as they were enjoying the web w/o government filters, especially on searches.


Found via Mickelthwait

I hope those kids find a place to sell those used texts since taking them home will land them in a deep dark hole.

Hell, if I was anthing near to independantly wealthy I’d open up a private library exclusively for Chinese tourists/student in the area.

That’ll get you on a few lists, I’m sure. Especially in the Obamanation.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    New way to get on a list: just before flying off to vacation, etc, re-arrange your gun safe or clean up your reloading bench. Then go to the airport.

    The new “explosives” detection equipment will pick up the nitrates on your hands and clothing, and you will get a free “touching” by TSA, and probably wind up on their list.

    I wonder if the equipment will discriminate between biological nitrates and gunpowder nitrates. If not, they are going to get a nasty surprise from all those poor old incontinent folks wearing their Depends…

    I also wonder whether the TSA has copies of the MSDS on that chemical they are going to swab your hide with. Seems to me that they would need to have that around, since NIOSH-OSHA requires it.

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