Oh, the pain!

I never thought that hyper-leftist Jane Hamsher could cause my sides to split from laughter like she did earlier this week.

I have a hard time in general with the language police, even when it’s Rahm Emanuel we’re talking about and especially if Sarah Palin is leading the charge. But I agree Rahm does owe an apology for using the expression “f&*king r%!ards” — to MoveOn.

Because that was who he was addressing.

(emphasis mine)

Sorry Jane, but MoveOn are retarded to the lowest degree possible to still breathe. They are physically and mentally incapable of contributing anything productive to society, so they went into politics and now have bare majority ownership of the Democratic Party. They are, quite literally, a collective ambulatory vegetable with a point of view and a bank account.

Some say that liberalism is a mental disorder, but it is not. It is a purposed self-lobotomy. As near as literal opening up of the brain-pan and scrambling of the logic and reason centers of the brain.

But that won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

It is nigh impossible to be a progressive without having someone inject the pap into your head. The the brain inside the human animal is not “constructed” to be “progressive”. It is “constructed” to help the body survive. Progressives only survive as parasites. Parasites can not think, they can only act. Once the needles have been stuck into the brain, the person does their own scrambling by giving into the abusive nature of the progressive group think.

And no, I’m not going to apologize for using “the ‘R’ word”. I use it literally and not as a pejorative. I’ve got a plethora of vocabulary for people I’m wanting to insult and don’t need to use words describing the unfortunate.

The Wife once freaked out when I made a point that homosexual sex is deviant. As in it “deviates” from the norm of heterosexual copulation. She, of course, has been trained by the public school system to only think of the pejorative use of the word, which spawned a secondary discussion about my deviant use of language (wherein I am almost always misconstrued) which wasted five minutes whilst we deviated from our original discussion.

With as long as we’ve been together, you’d think she would know me better. However, we haven’t been together as long as she was intertwined with the public education system. Apparently, I haven’t dislodged the needles quite yet.

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2 Responses to Oh, the pain!

  1. Kristopher says:

    Rahm owed the retards an apology for comparing them to Democrats.

    I’ll give him credit for apologizing to the right group.

  2. TheGunGeek says:

    I got a kick out of the Today Show folks. Not sure which one of the drones was talking about it, but the wording was (as best I can recall) about how some people were getting upset because Rahm Emanuel said that “a plan by some Democrats was retarded”.

    The talking head clearly said that Rahm had said “retarded” in reference to a plan, and not that he had actually called real human beings “F*ing retards”.

    You know, you’ve got to minimize the bad things your friends do, right?

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