Moar Ammoz

Got sum more .30-06 to go with my other batch:

IMGP6375.jpg IMGP6376.jpg IMGP6378.jpg

65 rounds loose FN milsurp, another 56 rounds in strippers, and some in boxes. Paid $125 for the lot.
I think I’m not supposed to shoot the boxed stuff through the Garands (b/c it’s not milsurp, right?) but that’s just fine as I need ammo to shoot in the Rock Island anyway (yes, I still haven’t fired it since I got it last year).

Feels kinda weird to have three rifles I’ve owned for more than a year but haven’t shot yet. Without ammo that’s kinda hard. No excuse now I suppose!

392 rounds total,but only 352 if you deduct the boxed rounds as non-Garand. Is this enough for both days of an Appleseed shoot using my Garands? There’s one coming up a couple weekends from now at Castro Valley. Think I have enough for one day?

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  1. Firehand says:

    Partly because of cost, partly to make it easier on my banged-up shoulder, I started experimenting with some light cast bullet loads for the Garand. Found some stuff at Cast Boolits
    and some at High Road. Wound up with 35.0 grains of IMR4895 and a 155-grain Lee gas-check bullet. Haven’t had a chance to put it over a chrony but I’d guess between 2000-2200fps. I’ve had a couple of cases where the bolt didn’t go quite far enough back to pick up the next round, but no other problems. For general practice, or the indoor range, works nicely.

    Seems to depend a lot on the rifle, some report extremely good accuracy with cast, some not. My rifle and this bullet is in-between, not match level but good for general fun shooting.

  2. CMP claims to have acquired enough of the Greek surplus to last for “several years”. Supposedly it will be available this month or next. Not on their web site yet; and no price quoted.

    I was fortunate enough to buy a case in clips and 2 cases of boxed last year, IIRC. If the price is even remotely good; I plan on doing the same this year.

    Good luck on getting enough to shoot with for now without breaking the bank. We need some M1 .22 conversion kits, similar to the ones the AR guys have.

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