ITRC 2010

Happy to learn.jpgMy Specialty Pistols mentor Ernie Bishop and buddy “Tacman” are once again going to make a go of it at the 2010 International Tactical Rifle Championship — with single-shot specialty pistols. Bit of a handicap when up against precision semi-auto rifles. They placed 12th of 28 teams last year. Tacman sez:

Yes, I did tell you all that I was going to shoot it with traditional tactical weapons but,…. We had so much fun and we did so well that we’ve just got to do it again and place in the top 5. Or win the whole thing.
Ernie said yes and we’ve already started planning and prep. He’s got some killer equipment lined up for this year and I’m pumped to get my hip all shipshape. I promise we’ll make you all very proud this August.

Oh! I got to shoot Ernie’s new hand cannon, the .338 Lap. It’s quite the bang stick, got a little buck to it but easy to hold on to due to the space gun style brake it’s got. Really a really sexy piece and quite impressive to shoot. He’s still working up the perfect load so it only shot a .400 group….

.338 Lapua in a handgun sounds like just the ticket for a compact platform for ultra-long-range work. And a load of fun. When Ernie reveals it I’ll post pix.

If you’re interested in signing up for ITRC 2010, the info’s here.

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