Corrections Dept.

Earlier in the week I posted that the Australian Classifications Board had ordered that porn depicting women with small breasts be banned so as to not cause the average male to immediately become a rabid pedophile.

That was wrong.

There is no information from the Classification Board on any specific ban, only a general statement that publications with depictions of persons who appear to be under 18 must be refused classification (that is, banned).

To clarify: If a stripper who does not look to be above the age of 25 decides to take her (lack of) attributes and let someone film/photograph her and distribute the the footage via magazine/DVD/The Internet in exchange for monetary compensation, it will be illegal to distribute/download them in Australia, so as to not cause the average male to immediately become a rabid pedophile.

Personally, I like my women to have a little more meat on their bones than your average A/B cupped college freshman or sophomore female has, but that rank odor you’re smelling is called censorship.

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2 Responses to Corrections Dept.

  1. Rivrdog says:

    This is the most dangerous class of Gummint Edict. The “we’re saving you” edict.

    The Gummint wants to ban anything prurient, but knows that would put them One Toke Over The Line, so they do the next best thing, they issue edicts which “protect you from evil things that other folks would do to you”.

    Very insidious. This one is a good example because it’s laughable on it’s face, so it can be used to illustrate the type without starting too many arguments.

  2. Windy Wilson says:

    Apparently this has been sponsored by the cosmetic surgeons who install silicone implants.

    And if the A-cup is banned, won’t that make it a fetish item for Aussies who heretofore liked big strapping voluptuous strong wimmen?

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