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Orville A. Bierkle’s Revolver

Remember this revolver? Well, a year later, I’ve got a pretty big update. It’s not every day that you learn that one of your favorite revolvers was issued to a Marine in WWI who passed it on to his grandson, … Continue reading

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I gotta ask

How many fellow gunnies do you know, who carry regularly, have ever lost track of a carry gun outside of the home?  There is something seriously wrong with a person who forgets that they had a pound or two of … Continue reading

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Learn something new every day

Last night, the wife & I got the taxes done.  We always get them done early because we always pay in.  We adjust our W-4s so not as much gets taken out and we have to pay in a little … Continue reading

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And so I’ll ask you once again…

Are you watching Stossel (Thursday at 8 & 11pm ET, Friday at 10pmET)? The government-school establishment has said the same thing for decades: Education is too important to leave to the competitive market. If we really want to help our … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/18/10

They know where to find the truth I was in a (US) bookstore when a group of young Chinese (15 – 25 years, I’d guess) tourist/students entered. While I was there, they bought a stack of Dalai Lama books, saying … Continue reading

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