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Early Soundboard Redux: Rock Sugar

The more you know about music, the more you’ll appreciate the these FREAKIN’ AWESOME arrangements. Not quite as uncanny a mix as Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, but close. Oh, and these guys are actually performing; they’re not just mashing recordings … Continue reading

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Early Soundboard: Kaskade

I’m currently crunching financial data at home, which always calls for some good trance/dance tunes. The wife and I saw Kaskade performing “Be Still” a couple years ago live at the Energy 92.7 Anniversary blast. As always with this sort … Continue reading

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Interesting musings here. One of the benefits of my not giving a rat’s ass what other people think is that I’m quite satisfied to live in a modest home, drive older vehicles, and keep any “improvements” to myself — rather … Continue reading

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ITRC 2010

My Specialty Pistols mentor Ernie Bishop and buddy “Tacman” are once again going to make a go of it at the 2010 International Tactical Rifle Championship — with single-shot specialty pistols. Bit of a handicap when up against precision semi-auto … Continue reading

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The NYT on the Tea Parties

And it isn’t a screeching rant of liberal hysteria

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Related to my last post yesterday (kinda)

It’s like, if there is a demand for something, a way will be found to meet that demand.

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Somebody here needs to learn

How to diffuse a “situation”. This is what happens when 67 years of ornry meets 20-something of “talkin’ tough”. The smack talk goes on for 1:30 before the actual smackin’ starts. Yet one more reason not to ride public transit. … Continue reading

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It’s not a “Big Tent”

It’s a “Big TeePee”. Keith Olbermann spent multiple minutes of his couple dozen viewers lives on Monday ranting about how racist Tea Partiers are. I’d like for him to travel to the Crow Nation in Montana and tell them that. … Continue reading

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Spending our way out of debt: Part #2398654

It’s not their money. So why not guarantee themselves a nice sunny beach locale? H.R. 3726: Castle Nugent National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2010 Castle Nugent isn’t a tribute to Uncle Ted. It’s a beachfront “park” in St. Croix, … Continue reading

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