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Beefy Dates

So I’m happily packing a storage container with canned meat following the first of my promised Costco runs, and I notice that for the Kirkland salmon and chicken, and the Chicken-of-the-Sea tuna, the individual cans all have “expiration” dates on … Continue reading

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A City that isn’t falling for the budget line.

Eric Martin over at Obsidian Wings is busy mocking the city of Colorado Springs because the voters there told the city that, no, they can’t raise taxes to cover their expenses.  Thus, the city is following the time tested pattern … Continue reading

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Ooh, Speedloaders!

I’ve gravitated towards moon-clip-fed revolvers because I’ve yet to find a speedloader I could reliably and quickly index against the cylinder without fumbling a bit. This design looks like it might fix my problem: I presume it’s cut so that … Continue reading

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When Law Enforcement Gets Out Of Control

You get Maricopa County. As a compensation supervisor, Darrien Ellison spends a lot of time researching money requests from the Sheriff’s Office. In the course of his normal work over the past year, he denied two pay-raise requests for a … Continue reading

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SOS to the Left

Your initiative sucks. The progressives of Washington State have gathered their signatures and submitted their petition. If they’ve submitted enough signatures, this upcoming November residents of Washington will be asked if they would like to take on a progressive income … Continue reading

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Genius comes from necessity

It turns out that the Swiss stole the idea. If there is a recreation of one of these on the market today I may have to buy it.

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Are you watching Stossel?

You should be

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Mocking Eco-Socialists

Gets Audi in trouble. Watch this video (it even has Cheap Trick goodness!) Apparently the folks at Audi have forgotten their nation’s history. You see, there actually were Green Police in Germany during the rise of you know who. Found … Continue reading

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