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Long Range Specialty Pistol Ram

One of my Specialty Pistols mentors, Steve Hugel, got himself a very nice ram. He’s an excellent writer, and the full story is worth the read, especially because of his “tactical” use of the ballistic reticle in the field. It’s … Continue reading

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See, The Government Is Just A Big Cuddly Cat Protecting Its Citizens.

Found at ToWhichIReplied. Check out the rest of the pix from this amazing sequence here.

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Good Morning

Somedays, it’s worth getting up & opening the windows. I took that from my front porch.

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Epic Weekend

No, not mine. I spent it writing Geography papers and quizzing myself in Algebra. And reading these two epic posts. First, from Steve Greenhut at Reason.Com – How Public Servants Became Our Masters Essentially, they’re the ones who were supposed … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/01/10

We’ll start out February by continuing to talk about something that happened in January Obama chose to call out the only 9 guys in the room that did their homework in law school. And the rest who ended up settling … Continue reading

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Taking their guns away didn’t work

I wonder how the Australians will react when the government bans their porn? The Board has also started to ban depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. This is in response to a campaign led by Kids Free … Continue reading

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