I’m grumbling to myself for two reasons:

1These kickass solar shingles are still a little ways off.

2 – When The Wife and I bought the house it had had a 20 year metal roof put on.

When I say “a little ways off” I don’t mean 20 years.

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3 Responses to WANT!!!!11one!!

  1. emdfl says:

    Just one question. What do they plan to do with all that DC goodness coming off that roof? And what is the plan when the sun goes down?

  2. D.W. Drang says:

    For most of the time, you don’t use the electricity yourself, you sell it to the power company.

  3. Phil says:

    EMDFL, most of it goes to batteries (the real expense of a solar installation). Once the batteries get full, as DW says, goes to the power company (which makes your meter turn backwards and your wallet grow).

    The only real downside is the cost of installation and battery maintenance.

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