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Soundboard: Late-Night Thesis Edit Edition

I was up ’til 1am last night coding student interviews for my wife’s thesis, and I’ll be doing the same tonight and tomorrow. Here’s what’s running thru my ears: one of our favorites. Crank it, of course! And this one, … Continue reading

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Your Daily Geek – Chemical Nom Nom Nom! Edition

Chemists have come up with a molecule that can eat radioactive ions, and only radioactive ions, and trap them, making nuclear waste clean-up a breeze! Now, if only we could come up with a molecule to trap the stupidity of … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 01/29/10

I was always told that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything. But you guys know I don’t listen to authority very often or very well. Howard Zinn was fool and a hypocrite; yet another … Continue reading

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Game Changer?

He says those words, but I do not think he knows what they mean. Just one week after the media chattering classes announced that Republican Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts represented a political sea change, voters in Oregon sent … Continue reading

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Sticking it to them

In news related to MadRock’s Tuesday post, tell your children “The State is Not Your Friend” Make sure they understand this. The San Ysidro School District is investigating how a 13-year-old middle school student received the H1N1 flu vaccination last … Continue reading

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Good on ya, ladies and gentlemen

I was not able to attend the hearing on SB-6396 yesterday. Hell, because of my lack of free time to read the news/blogs/etc. I didn’t even hear of it until Monday. It sounds as though it went well though for … Continue reading

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There are “Plans for Success”

This is not one of those plans. An Ohio congressman pushed for a new program to add a million new jobs Monday. Congressman Dennis Kucinich unveiled his plan Monday afternoon at his Lakewood office. Kucinich proposed offering early retirement with … Continue reading

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Can you say “Class Warfare”?

I knew you could. Oregonians who dislike the the “rich” and “capitalist pigs” voted yesterday to increase the income tax on single earners making more than $125K and households earning more than $200K and to add a significant percentage onto … Continue reading

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If I had any financial ties to them

They’d be severed tomorrow Rosemary O’Neill of the Social Strata media company As of today, we’ve made a somewhat radical change to our corporate policies.  Every single full-time Social Strata employee now has access to unlimited paid leave.  Why would … Continue reading

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Ah…the mystic powers of a full moon!

State Hopes to Harness Power of ‘Three Wolf’ Shirts For those of you unfamiliar with the buzz around the ‘Three Wolf Moon Shirt,’ it has been pretty amazing!  I just hope that the economic center giving these babies out as … Continue reading

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