Got Sum

IMG00057.jpg….30-06 Greek. 192 rounds, with 24 enbloc clips, in 4 bandoliers. I paid $140. Yes I know CMP’s got it for much cheaper, but I still haven’t done the work to qualify for CMP status shot at a CMP match (good Lord, when I start thinking of shooting as work, something’s wrong!) and I am feeling very much that I need to shoot the Garands sometime soon. So now I have ammo to do that!

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  1. BillH says:

    You paid $140 because CMP doesn’t have any available, and hasn’t since about September. They had a 10 case limit per year in 2009, ran 8 or 9 weeks behond all year, and quit taking orders in mid-Fall. Email says they’ll have another load of it this year, but so far, nothing available on their website (“expected delivery to CMP in January 2010”, then on the website in Feb or March).

    The ’73 stuff I got last year from them seems to be pretty consistent ammo, but the ’68 stuff wasn’t quite as nice (my opinion). Soon as they get it on the website, I’ll do the “2 cases per month” routine. I love that rifle, and I intend to keep it fed!

  2. Armageddon Rex says:

    I usually go to United Sportsmen on Shell Ridge between Concord and Bay Point, or down to Chabot Gun Club in Chabot Regional Park. It takes a lot longer to get to Chabot, but the range is so much nicer it’s worth it!

    Where do you Livermorons shoot high power rifles?

  3. Davidwhitewolf says:

    At the Livermore Rod & Gun Club’s Rifle and Pistol Range just off of 580!

    It’s very nice. I used to go to United Sportsmen long ago. I’d say LPRG is almost as nice as Chabot now (nicer in some respects).

    Here’s some past reports from the LPRG range, with pics:

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