As the Politboro goes

So go the “education professionals”.

I would have thought that a college president was pretty smart.

I’m now forced to re-think that notion.

And so it is that I’d like to invite the head muckety-muck of the Evergreen State College, Dr. Les Purce, to put away the pomp and circumstance and come on down.

Dr. Les is wallowing in the wealth of taxpayer generosity.

Having been given a sumptuous residence as part of his presidential Evergreen package, he instead chose to live in a different house and insist on an additional $60,000 a year to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the house the college expected Dr. Les to live in sits empty.

What with repairs, utilities, maintenance and upkeep on the one house along with allowances for the new one, cost to us taxpayers is over $300,000 so far.

And now Dr. les says he wants a maid to take out his trash, wash his dishes and keep things tidy for him.

That’s right. The President of Evergreen State College (aka: Washington Soviet Central College) is taking money reserved for education and setting himself up for an easy retirement by acting as though he’s go four arms and he’s in one of those booths with money being blown around in it.

Via the MadRocketScientist

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5 Responses to As the Politboro goes

  1. Erikp says:

    I do not like it at all either. I will comment that the reason he lives in the other house is that his older (as in over 18) developmentally disabled daughter lives with him. My understanding is that he is not longer married (death or divorce) The college house is in a lovely wooded area far from any transit (bus) routes meaning she would be stuck at home unless there was someone to drive her around. The house he lives in very close to downtown and several bus routes. So there is good reason but the accommodations that had for him are ridiculous.

    All that said the school should have leased out the campus house when he was hired and did not move it.

    (yes I sound like an apologist but wouldn’t you like to more complete information than less)

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Thank you for your information, Erik, but you didn’t address the part about the President wanting to have the State pay for his personal servant.

    Do you have “more complete information” for us on that, more disturbing, aspect of this story?

    Also, since you offer “more complete information”, how about giving readers of this blog a referral to the COMPLETE compensation package of the college President, with perhaps a comparison of how it stacks up against other regional and national College Presidents’ compensation.

  3. Gerry N. says:

    I would contend that at his salary level he can well afford to pay out of his own pocket for necessary care for his daughter. Why he should have this paid on the taxpayer’s dime in excess of his salary only makes sense in the Through The Looking Glass world of the Socialist Elites of Evergreen College. In the real world he’d pay for it himself and take the tax deduction. If it is part of his compensation and he chooses to live elsewhere for any reason, no further payment should be made. If that proves unsatisfactory, there are other jobs at other schools. Just as there are other fully qualified candidates for his position.

    Gerry N.

  4. Mom says:

    Wouldn’t his adult, disabled daughter also be receiving disability payments, as well as, I presume, even be covered under her dad’s health insurance or have her own ….. that would pay for her care?

    I’m just saying, someone in his position would have very good access to and know who to approach for all kinds of “help”. Why does he need mine !?

    I agree with Gerry N. that he can well afford to pay all of her expenses out of his own pocket, but obviously he doesn’t. In addition, he sounds like he feels entitled to everything he’s getting and more.

  5. Erikp says:

    I agree that keeping the empty house (it is rare that a college president does not get a house) that should have been leased out and paying for the maid is absurd. The information I was given was about the reason for the other house.

    For more complete information on at least pay rates see TESC 2009 payrates that site has the pay rates for most state employees.

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