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One of the problems with staying up ’til 1am three nights in a row to meet a thesis deadline is that it’s really difficult to fall asleep before 1am on night four. With the wife blissfully snoring breathing beside me … Continue reading

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The Golden Horde

Toodling around Cyberludite’s blog led me to this blogger’s interesting and valuable reflection on actual Golden Horde experiences in Katrina. The classic of course is Listening to Katrina.

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Watch this quick CGI flight out of Mars’ Mojave Crater. That’ll prepare you for this video from the same folks of the Gale Crater. This one has a cool soundtrack as well. Just make sure you have some free time … Continue reading

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I’m grumbling to myself for two reasons: 1 – These kickass solar shingles are still a little ways off. 2 – When The Wife and I bought the house it had had a 20 year metal roof put on. When … Continue reading

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Software question

My school has joined forces with Microsoft to offer the MS Office Ultimate 2007 package for $60. I’m currently using OpenOffice with ease, but I have to drop what I write onto my laptop (which has MSWord on it) load … Continue reading

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