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More Friday Fiction: All Reet!

The last time I tried this YOU LIKED ME, it YOU REALLY LIKED ME it! so I’ll do it again. Tam’s post reminded me of Alfred Bester’s classic short tale — which lo and behold, is available for free reading … Continue reading

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1.21 gigawatts, no, I mean megajoules

Jumping on MadRocketScientist’s toes here, because, damn it, I live just a few miles from the National Ignition Facility. Takeaway from this article if you read far enough into it is that they’ve already broken the 1 megajoule limit and … Continue reading

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Who’s on the mic?

Hayek and Keynes, boyeeeee! Get your thinking caps on, homie.

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Soundboard Redux: Still Going

The Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes flick was IMO actually watchable for Sherlockians. The double-entendres were understated enough you could ignore them if you chose. But yeah, despite lots of nods to Literary Agent Conan Doyle’s work, the overall effort had … Continue reading

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