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Good on ya, ladies and gentlemen

I was not able to attend the hearing on SB-6396 yesterday. Hell, because of my lack of free time to read the news/blogs/etc. I didn’t even hear of it until Monday. It sounds as though it went well though for … Continue reading

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There are “Plans for Success”

This is not one of those plans. An Ohio congressman pushed for a new program to add a million new jobs Monday. Congressman Dennis Kucinich unveiled his plan Monday afternoon at his Lakewood office. Kucinich proposed offering early retirement with … Continue reading

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Can you say “Class Warfare”?

I knew you could. Oregonians who dislike the the “rich” and “capitalist pigs” voted yesterday to increase the income tax on single earners making more than $125K and households earning more than $200K and to add a significant percentage onto … Continue reading

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If I had any financial ties to them

They’d be severed tomorrow Rosemary O’Neill of the Social Strata media company As of today, we’ve made a somewhat radical change to our corporate policies.  Every single full-time Social Strata employee now has access to unlimited paid leave.  Why would … Continue reading

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Ah…the mystic powers of a full moon!

State Hopes to Harness Power of ‘Three Wolf’ Shirts For those of you unfamiliar with the buzz around the ‘Three Wolf Moon Shirt,’ it has been pretty amazing!  I just hope that the economic center giving these babies out as … Continue reading

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On the topic of the O’Keefe arrest

I heard that Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) was going to hold a press conference, but later decided that it might be a bad idea.

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