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Robert B. Parker died. Jerry the Geek has a good remembrance. I agree with him that Early Autumn is his best work. That book helped me grow up in a lot of ways.

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The Book Of Eli

I saw The Book of Eli over the weekend.  Good movie, well worth a matinee, The story is a little weak, but the action is top notch and the acting solid.  And after you get the reveal at the end, … Continue reading

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RNS Quotes of the Day, 01/25/10

Back from SHOT, still organizing pix and writeups. More soon. In the meantime, I loved Alan Gura’s snarky response to the NRA’s attorney Paul Clement stealing some of Gura’s oral argument time in McDonald: “The suggestion that I wouldn’t present … Continue reading

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Your Property / You’re Property

As we’ve been warning the left since day one, once the government is given control over something, they consider it theirs. Case in point, the UK Royal Society for Public Health has issued what they themselves are calling a Public … Continue reading

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It’s legal when the president says it’s legal

I know I missed this story when if first hit. But I’ve got an 3.8 grade average as an excuse. Obama quietly issues ruling saying it’s legal for the FBI to break the law on accessing phone records Following the … Continue reading

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