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They aren’t even deployed yet…

And we already have a how-to video on defeating the full body scanner

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Your Daily Geek – It’s a Gas, Gas, Plastic Edition

This will probably be my regular way of contributing here, since I’m a complete geek (Propulsion Aerodynamics Analyst & Software Developer for Boeing) and have been since I was 5 years old.  I blame my mother, since she first got … Continue reading

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Citizens United v The FEC

First off, thanks to Phil et. al. for providing me a spot on his site.  I just don’t write enough to make it worth running my own blog anymore.  Work is just too demanding these days. So yesterday, the US … Continue reading

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True Security Theater

Trying to keep you from having more than 2oz. of shampoo in your carry-on and looking at your socks and the other “stupid passenger tricks” are apparently not entertaining enough for TSA employees any longer. You’ve heard of “Audience Participation … Continue reading

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Denial, Complete

Marc Thiessen completely mops the floor with Christiane Amanpour and terrorism apologist Phillippe Sands in this two part video The second part of this video is here. Make sure to watch it at least until the 03:00 mark. After hear … Continue reading

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