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How Childish

I speak of the groups who would deny you the right to own a tool that goes boom when you make it click. The NRA and gun owners call the President 2009’s Best Gun Salesman. The Brady Campaign to Restrict … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 01/19/10

Just as I thought Yesterday I went to see the movie Daybreakers, a science fiction/horro movie where the Earth is mostly inhabited by vampires. The premise is simble – Vampires need human blood to survive but there are so many … Continue reading

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It isn’t a good lube anyway

Yet more BOHICA for the Brits. Some doctor in the UK must have stock in KY. Butter should be banned to protect the nation’s health, according to a leading heart surgeon. Shyam Kolvekar says only radical action can save growing … Continue reading

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