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ATF-Approved for Zombies

Click to embiggen to see teh funny. It is, however, a real form, approved by ATF for the purpose stated. From an old thread on Calguns.

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Dress Shoes for WTSHTF

We’ve had a few earthquakes in the last few days, strong enough to be noticeable in my office. As many of you know, I’m an attorney and although I stopped wearing a sport coat or tie long ago (this is … Continue reading

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Bow Down to the Wave-Motion Gun

Yeah, I don’t understand Japanese. I don’t care. I’ll watch all of this, even without subtitles. It can’t be released in the US fast enough for me.

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Well, that was interesting

It seems I ruffled a few feathers the past couple days by mixing the discussion of politics with religion. Quick point: The Religious Right was is not called as such because they are religious and on the right side of … Continue reading

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