There can be only one.

Ronald Brownstein wrote a piece for The Atlantic on Friday in support of the President’s stand for the Senate health care reform bill that is very dismissive towards the Progressive leftists in the Democrat Party.

What kind of serious journalist, or serious mind, would argue that the only reason people are upset with the president over health care reform is because we already have insurance.

Oh, and we drink wine too, apparently.

Yes, that’s why we’re all so angry that our President is a serial invertebrate. Because we’re spoiled rich kids.


Oh, and he doesn’t stop with Howard Dean. Brownstein goes on to suggest that the liberal blogs, and MoveOn specifically, are, – there’s no other way to interpret this – racists. Brownstein goes on and on and on and on in his article about how we’re all white and our readers are all white, and Howard Deans supporters were all white. If that isn’t race-baiting… I’m just surprised to see the White House buy into it playing the race card.

Their candidate, the one they helped get elected to the highest office in the land, has only one offensive maneuver for those that disagree with him.

The Race Card.

I’m taking it that John Aravosis and the rest of the leftosphere doesn’t exactly like getting the same treatment they repeatedly heap upon the Tea Party folks.

They really hate it too that Rahm Emmanuel wrote a piece for the WSJ promoting Brownstien’s article.

Tis a pity that they’ll not learn a thing about flipping that card.

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  1. emdfl says:

    Considering the number of blacks who voted for that pos in the white house, I would be more inclined to say that the racist shoe is on their foot as it were.

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