Saturday automotive post

A three-course spread of internal combustion goodness.

First, I Can Has Amatoya?


This thing this is built to be taken into active wildfires and comes with a pair of remote controlled water cannons.

Get ready for a firefighting vehicle that might have arrived from your old Saturday morning GI Joe cartoons. Yanko has showcased an ATV design by Liam Ferguson that can carry remotely-operated water cannons and a two-person crew into the heart of a raging blaze, and emerge unscathed.

Firefighters currently rely on modified Toyota Landcruisers or other utility vehicles for doing recon on hotspots. Those work well in a pinch for navigating rough terrain, but carry only a meager water supply of 500 liters and cannot survive a burnover when flames suddenly sweep over the area.

The proposed Amatoya vehicle would use aerogel laminated insulation for its windows and body, and a temperature-controlled spray down system which draws on an auxiliary water tank specifically dedicated to that purpose. Military-grade thermo ceramic paint would swell upon heat exposure and add some sacrificial protection.

Screw fighting fires. I just want to see if I can roll it.


Next, TIME and got together and published this list of the 50 Worst Cars of All Time

Now if I could just take Dan Neil’s stinging hatred for trucks and SUV’s out of it, it would be a very accurate list.


Lastly, Popular Mechanics also compiled a list, of the 18 Strangest Roadway in the world.

My locale, like everywhere else in the world, has its share of strange roadways. In my previous existence as a rowdy youth with too many hours to spend tuning and driving cars for his own good, hung out with a group of peoples who would gather, shut down these roadways and turn them into “Solo Cross” style race courses (In a just world Gary Scott Thompson would owe us money).

There are a few very worthy candidates on this list. Number’s 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, and 14. (Especially #’s 3, 9, and 11)

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  1. So were can I buy one with out the water jet’s ? would make a great toy 🙂

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