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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

Sweet little cupcakes, baked by the devil? (One of my favorite phrases, btw). No, just sweet little boomers, made by innocent gunbloggers. There will be a Gunblogger/Media Day for Boomershoot 2010. Hooray!

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Legislating in the blood of the dead

They’re at it again. The Ceasefire Triplets will be pushing a bill during the next Washington legislative session to ban scary looking guns. They’re calling it the Aaron Sullivan Public Safety and Police Protection Bill, after the guy who was … Continue reading

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Getting their whine on

The folks at the hyper-Lieberman-hating leftosphere blog, FireDogLake, were comparing the Senate and House health care reform insurance bills to the system up and crawling in Taxachusettes yesterday. It was a truly boring screed until I got to the point … Continue reading

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No room to talk

Bill Gates Sr. talks to the folks at the Huffington Post about the Death Tax (not that he calls it that). For eight years I have spoken to anyone who would listen about the importance of creating a strong estate … Continue reading

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