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Gifts for Everyone

For the human-induced-climate-change fanatic in your family, print and gift-wrap Steven F. Hayward’s excellent summary of just what’s happened in recent weeks to destroy their worldview. It’s to help them understand. And for the rest of us, don’t forget that … Continue reading

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Saturday automotive post

A three-course spread of internal combustion goodness. First, I Can Has Amatoya? This thing this is built to be taken into active wildfires and comes with a pair of remote controlled water cannons. Get ready for a firefighting vehicle that … Continue reading

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Cap’n Urkel

with the “Ooops! Did I do that?” Yes, Captain Phillips, it looks like you did. Richard Phillips, the ship captain toasted as a hero after he was taken captive by Somali pirates, ignored repeated warnings last spring to keep his … Continue reading

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Leggo my… Lego (TM) Gun!

What you don’t say to the cops summoned by a GFW who watched you assemble the Lego gun out of Legos before calling the police. In Canada, of course.

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