Amazon to the Rescue

You may remember my rant here about Costco’s sudden discontinuance of their excellent Kirkland in-house brand of canned beef. It was easily a fraction of the price of other canned beef products available on the market, as I found out to my dismay when I went to restock our survival/earthquake stored food. We’ve eaten all that we had on hand, and now have a 90-days’-worth hole that needs to be filled.

Enter Amazon! They’ve got Libby’s canned beef, in almost the same size package, at a fairly cheap price ($0.27/oz). What’s more, if you choose their “Subscribe and Save” option, you get an additional 15% off! Add in NO SALES TAX (hooray! that’s another 9% savings for me) and free shipping to boot (we have the Amazon Prime feature) and this is a pretty good GREAT deal. I signed up for four 8-can packages to arrive every month. I should be pretty well stocked by Boomershoot, I should think.

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2 Responses to Amazon to the Rescue

  1. Maybe fairly cheap, and certainly cheap when you can’t store fresh, but that’s still $4.32/pound (roughly fresh ground round 92% in the supermarket)

    Canned Spam (brand name) is roughly the same price. Since sales are on an upswing for Spam, I sure hope it’s not people trying to cut corners on the grocery bill and being really bad at math.

    Your old deal was $2.33/lb (roughly what I pay for the 80% frozen beef patties without the heart and tongue ground up inside)

    (I’m currently eating $0.89 chicken leg quarters)

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    I bought some Spam (different flavors, too!) from Costco a while back. That was before I had ever eaten any Spam. After I tried it, I pretty much put it in the category of “I’ll eat it if SHTF and I have nothing else, but until then it’s dog food.” Just not my thing.

    You’re very much right that fresh beef is a LOT cheaper. The problem is preserving it in a way that translates to easy rotation. Jerky’s great as far as preservation goes, but it’s just not as versatile for cooking or preparing a variety of dishes. We eat fresh beef all the time; I just like having some canned stuff stashed away.

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