The armpit of California

If Compton, CA is the perineum of the state, and Oakland, CA its asscrack, then Richmond, CA is surely the armpit.

RICHMOND, Calif. (Oct. 27) – Police believe as many as a dozen people watched a 15-year-old girl get beaten and gang-raped outside her high school homecoming dance without reporting it.

Two suspects were in custody Monday, but police said as many as five other men attacked the girl over a two-hour period Friday night outside Richmond High School.

“She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other’s presence,” Lt. Mark Gagan said. “What makes it even more disturbing is the presence of others. People came by, saw what was happening and failed to report it.”

The victim remained hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Manuel Ortega, 19, was arrested at the scene and was being held on $800,000 bail for investigation of rape and robbery. He is not a student at the school.

Richmond police Sgt. David Harris said he did not know if Ortega had retained an attorney.

A 15-year-old student also was booked late Monday on one count of sexual assault, Gagan said.

Police said the girl left the dance and was walking to meet her father for a ride home when a classmate invited her to join a group drinking in the courtyard. The victim had drank a large amount of alcohol by the time the assault began, police said.

Officers received a tip about a possible assault on campus and found the girl semi-conscious near a picnic table.

Exactly where was the supervision/security? Apparently the students felt comfortable enough to bring their non-student friends onto campus and then spend a couple hours openly drinking in a courtyard before the assault.

This was a school sponored event. Someone in the school admin office also need to go to jail for this.

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4 Responses to The armpit of California

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    More than an armpit, something worse. Non-students in that environment frequently just walk-on to campus as if it were their own. “It’s a free country, isn’t it?” But that seems to happen for certain segments and locations much more than for others. It was a regular occurrence where my father taught High School, and the non-students were responsible for all of the actionable offenses: fight, riots, provocations, and other “student unrest.”

  2. Chris Byrne says:

    I’d always thought of Stockton as the arm pit, and the entirety of Kern County as the crotch.

  3. Ted says:

    The report I saw said that there was security presence at the event itself, but the gang rape happened away from there, at another part of the school. As soon as one of the witnesses bothered to report it, the cops showed up.

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    In recent years Richmond has taken over armpit status from Stockton. I haven’t spent enough time in SoCal to know about Kern County.

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