Oh Nooo, the RAIIINNNN!

We’ve got our first storm of the season here in the Bay Area, and of course everyone’s driving off the roads (150+ CHP traffic incident hazards during commute hours this morning, for example) because a few inches of rain and some gusty winds are the Bay Area equivalent of a typhoon. As a former Oregonian, I still scoff at them all.

I did, however, forget to clean my gutters. So I popped out the ladder and did so at lunch. My coworkers were astonished when I told them I’d actually gone outside in this weather to do some work without undue incident.

Sigh.  Californians are, sadly, weather wimps.

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7 Responses to Oh Nooo, the RAIIINNNN!

  1. Derek says:

    No kidding. Driving out to Auburn this morning was no joke.

    Speaking of weather wimps… I’m getting cold!

  2. I always love it when a Californian comes here to Minnesota during the winter. They freak out and are scared to drive if there is a dusting of snow on the road. The result it twice as funny when they hear you drive through a foot of snow in near whiteout conditions as if it’s nothing special.

  3. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Ditto on the coldness. Got down below sixty degrees in the house last night, so we had our first fireplace fire of the season. Toasty warm!

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    Yes-but, why on earth would a Californian ever go to Minnesota in the Winter, when Hawaii is only a five hour flight away? That has to be a fictional person – I mean especially when a Californian wouldn’t even normally go to Minnesota in the Summer? And I’ve been to Minnesota in the summer, that is Duluth and Chanhassen. 🙂
    There really are three Californias, the Coast, the Valley, and the Sierras – which gets record amounts of snow.

  5. Erikp says:

    The rss feed on this post seems to have been hacked with spam.

  6. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Aargh. Phil’s down for the count and I ain’t learned how to fix that yet….

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