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I spun my wheels for a time at the Autoblog. What I’ve found is below.

How annoying can OnStar be?

Hennessey Motorsports finds out when they get a Cadillac CTS-V to do 11 seconds in the 1/4 mile

On its way to doing the 1/4-mile in 11.07 seconds at 128 mph, a Hennessy-tuned 700-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V hit .99 longitudinal G as it left the start line. By the end of the run the phone inside the car was ringing, and it was your friendly neighborhood OnStar representative wondering “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Who owns OnStar? Why yes, I would like my Reckless Driving ticket mailed to me, Mr. Government Representative. And yes, I do realize the burden is on me to prove I was at a test track and not on you to prove I wasn’t.


Sometimes in life you need to decide whether you want to look good or go fast.

About 54 seconds in, the incredibly high speeds achieved by the 996 prompted the sunroof to pop right off. That’s bad when you’re going 85, but when you’re cruising at nearly one third the speed of sound, it can be catastrophic. A few seconds after the impromptu top-popping, the 996 gets sideways and ends up taking an unscheduled tiptoe through the weeds. The video is pretty entertaining, but it’s also informative. If you’re building a world-beating track star capable of speeds of over 200 mph, don’t opt for the sunroof.

There is a somewhat similar rule that goes: “If there ain’t rubbing it ain’t racing.”

Of course, I know some wimmin who consider the rub marks sexy. And not just the ones on cars.


What do you get when you drop a 383Stroker in a custom production mid-engine bubble top?

An Ultima GTR720. And the lunch money of Ferrari concept cars.

Hit this link and try not to drool.

I’m torn between British Racing Green and Graphite.

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