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The Soundboard: Day Late Edition

Week Two! The Wife’s been working me like some sort of indentured servant around the house this week. Yesterday I replaced nearly two dozen electrical outlets and switches and upgraded the bedroom A/V to HD. So nothing fancy today. Just … Continue reading

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After seeing this video, I need to wash my brain too. That is just disgusting. They’ve already got 50% of the children there losing sleep over their death cult fantasies. I guess they’re trying for 75% now. Found @ CCinZ

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/30/09

Me too. I was clicking through this website looking at their “curiosities” section, when I realized that I didn’t really recognize most of the celebrities they had pictures of. I know who Lindsey Lohan is, just because I’ve been forced … Continue reading

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Please sir….

Lend us the means to steal an election? This year, New Jersey’s registered voters can request a mail-in ballot for any reason. (Before 2005, voters needed to provide a reason for why they needed an absentee ballot.) The state received … Continue reading

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