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The time for pitchforks has passed

It’s a good they they had pitchfork registration (followed shortly thereafter by a swift period of confiscation), otherwise there’d be some folks with lots of holes in them because of this news. The National Health Service has spent £1.5m paying … Continue reading

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We’re all gonna die!!!1!!1!!one!

OK. Maybe not. I’m not so sure that this actually upholds the Global Warming Death Cult’s premise. Earth scientists have a very good understanding of how carbon-dioxide levels have varied in the atmosphere over the last 800,000 years, but there … Continue reading

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Somebody doesn’t like fun

17yr old streaker runs across the field of a high school football game. He is now on the fast track to sex offender status because of an overzealous Chief of Police. I think someone’s been looking in the mirror while … Continue reading

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Oh My!

Say it ain’t so! The HuffPo going the way of Air America? At a million a month to run, it looks almost inevitable.

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Set your DVR’s

For 8pm tomorrow. This is not Ermey’s “Lock and Load”.

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Normally, I can’t stand slobs

But I don’t mind one bit that President Obama spilled some states rights on his statism suit. Hopefully he’ll find some capitalism in a coat he has worn for a while.

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