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More Pirates

I just can’t get enough of this arrangement. It’s by some kid named Hayatebune. Here he is doing it live.

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Trading Up

One of our sales reps (Mexican immigrant, natch) was twiddling a twenty-peso note between his fingers just now. I gave him two bucks for it; I figure that’s a good investment. — Comment I left at Tam’s place. Incidentally, even … Continue reading

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The Second Soundboard: Excuses, Excuses Edition

Looks like y’all get double the Soundboard today. Check out David’s below. Sorry for not being around the past couple days, but whatever I’ve got is kicking me in the ass pretty hard. I have a high-pitched ringing in my … Continue reading

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Write Your Own Caption

Turkeys at the roach coach outside our building. ATF agents among the coach’s patrons.

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RNS Quote of the Day, 10/15/09

There’s nothing wrong with Capitalism There’s nothing wrong with free enterprise … If it ain’t one thing Then it’s the other Any cause that crosses your path Your heart bleeds for anyone’s brother I’ve got to tell you you’re a … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Red Devil Edition

These folks are just freakin’ awesome. The song is “Diablo Rojo.” You won’t make it past the 2:20 mark without banging your head. When’s the last time you went all headbanger on an acoustic track? When was the last time … Continue reading

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