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Wireless Power Charging

Looks like it’s here. The efficiency is probably horrible, but who cares?

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/12/09

Gratuitously stolen from Samizdata.Net Upon reflection, I think all the mockery will cease when Barack Obama walks across the Atlantic Ocean to accept His prize. Robert Bidinotto I’d pay to watch him try.

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Get me to a doctor!

I read the story at the link below and am now blind and in pain. I believe that it is an overload of stupid. Wait, the spinning is slowing and I…I think my vision is returning. I see an immense … Continue reading

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More death and destruction

AKA: The Joys of Socialized Medicine Part 40927125.2 Errors by NHS staff led to 5,700 deaths in six months, report says But don’t worry, the increasing number of people dying from neglect is only because NHS employees are being more … Continue reading

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All your rent are belong to us

Are you a former homeowner who signed a truly horrible mortgage without reading the paperwork because you just had to buy right then? Or, are you a lifetime renter who never wants the responsibility of owning property? Then syndicated columnist, … Continue reading

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