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Human Females Evolved to Give Sex for Food

I didn’t say it, he did: …The food-for-sex contract thus depends on what Lovejoy calls “the most unique human character”—ovulation that not only goes unannounced to the males of the group, but is concealed even from the female herself. — … Continue reading

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Good T-Shirt

Murdoc found a good one. My sentiments exactly. Preorder here. 

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Tha Soundboard: Wife Inspired

The Wife found this on In Demand while surfing the DVR and kindly showed it to me during dinner. If you like The Doors, you’ll possibly have mixed feelings about it. I don’t, so I think it’s hilarious.And here Al … Continue reading

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There are many degrees of Stupid

The first degree is when your organization gives tax and legal advice to a pimp and his prostitute for their plans to open a brothel full of teen and pre-teen hookers in the country illegally. Another degree, somewhere near the … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/02/09

So true that is needs to be posted. Environmentalists are good at identifying problems but poor at identifying feasible solutions. Most often they don’t try to work with us but against us, giving aid and comfort to those opposed to … Continue reading

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Never Before

Have so many words said something that so few will say is so smart. Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore, and titles the article “America’s Teacher”. I think that reading it would kill any H1N1 viruses that may be inhabiting your … Continue reading

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