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The Soundboard: Postponed Edition

I’m at a complete loss as to what to post today, and unless the muse slaps me across the face, I’m prolly not going to find something for tomorrow on my own. So, leave suggestions/video links in the comments and … Continue reading

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Good News/Bad News

Wonderful news crossed the gunosphere yesterday with the announcement that SCOTUS had granted certiorari to McDonald v. City of Chicago. Even more good news was that Alan Gura, hero attorney of the landmark DC v. Heller decision and GBR IV … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 10/01/09

Just one of many “But, but, but, he said…” moments that Obama voter, Ms. Althouse, has been having as of late. Why slam those of us with great health care benefits? We worked for it. We earned it. And we’re … Continue reading

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Kewl Gear

Via Firehand, I discovered Gadsen and Culpeper, the American Heritage Shoppe, Ltd. Where I found this wearable statment You should check them out.

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